Art&Network | Première – “Ragmala (A Garland of Ragas)”
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Première – “Ragmala (A Garland of Ragas)”

What would a “Future Orchestra” look – and more importantly – sound like? Master percussionist and composer Adam Rudolph has created an illuminating answer to that question with Go: Organic Orchestra. For this unique project, the Orchestra joins forces with the boundary pushing Indian classical musicians of Brooklyn Raga Massive. On their remarkable recording, Ragmala – A Garland of Ragas, the large ensemble embraces diverse cultures and traditions, carving an egalitarian and communal way forward.

Adam Rudolph  composition, direction

Samarth Nagarkar • chant / Jay Gandhi • flûte bansuri / Arun Ramamurthy, Trina Basu  violon / Gwen Laster, Stephanie Griffin  alto / Jake Charkey  violoncelle / Hilliard Greene  contrebasse / Sara Schoenbeck  basson / Avram Fefer  saxophone ténor / Stephen Haynes • cornet, bugle, conque / Neel Murgai • sitar, chant / Marco Cappelli • guitares / Alexis Marcelo • piano, fender rhodes / Damon Banks  basse électrique / Harris Eisenstadt • bata (iya, itotele, okonkolo), percussions / Tim Keiper • calebasse, pandeiro, percussions / Sameer Gupta • tabla, percussions


Sabato 18 febbraio • 20h
Maison des Arts • Créteil