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Charlie Parker

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom.
If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.

and Artistic production
We are a cultural association founded in Milan in 2006. We bring together the different experiences of the founder members, with the objective of promoting the development and diffusion of contemporary jazz in all its declinations: improvised music, ethnic, world music and rap music, oriented towards research, quality and innovation. At the same time we organise, produce and promote events beyond this specific area dealing in the organisation of musical shows and events that encourage the encounter of music with other live performing arts. A&N also arranges jazz tours in Italy, Europe, South of America, Asia, Africa.

& Management
Tour management, logistics, production, administration and promotion from 2004 up to today for Peggy Stern, Lee Konitz, Ben Allison, Michael Blake, David Murray, E. Friedlander, Hamid Drake, William Parker, A. Zambrini, Pasquale Mirra, Gavino Murgia, Tommaso Cappellato, Napoleon Maddox, Bill Laswell, and The Masters musicians of Jajouka, A. Salis, P. Angeli, Supersonic, New Jungle Orchestra, Nicole Mitchell, and many many others.
our experiences

Among the other collaboration to be listed, over the years: Teatro Manzoni Milano – Aperitivo in Concerto under the Artistic Direction of G. G. Morelenbaum



‘In a Sentimental mood’ – Remembering Giorgio Vogel. Teatro Franco Parenti. With Pasquale Mirra e Hamid Drake. May 2014



New Year’s eve Event in Arezzo (dec 2011) in collaboration with the Municipality of Arezzo (Tuscany)



Mito Settembremusica 4th editon (2010): Logistics and production plus Bindu Reggaeology concert, feat Raiz and IsWhat?! Napoleon Maddox – Piccolo Teatro Milano



Mito Settembremusica 3rd edition (2009) Logistics and production, Artistic consultancy for the event: Jazz Marathon and the Smeraldo Theatre with: Le Fiabe Del Jazz (Roberto Piumini e Claudio Comini reading), Stewe Swallow 4tet, with Carla Bley Stew Swallow Chris Cheek and Steve Cardenas, Trio Antonello Salis, Paolo Angeli, Hamid Drake, Ben Allison Man Size Safe with Ben Allison, Michael Blake, Steve Cardenas, Rudy Royston



MiTo Settembremusica 2nd edition (2008). Logistics and production. Artistic Consultancy for the event: Jazz Marathon (Sept. 14th Teatro Manzoni, Milan) with Lee Konitz, Martial Solal, Michael Blake, Charlie Burnham, Marcus Rojas, Calvin Weston, William Parker, Leena Conquest, Rob Brown, Lewis Barnes, Eri Yamamoto, Hamid Drake



Israel at 60: Production of the concert/event ‘Pass-Over’, with the patronage of the Comune and Province of Milano, at the Arena Civica in Milano during the Milan Jazzin festival (July 2008)



For Audi-Sagam; Dave Burrell-Leena Conquest concert (May 2008)



MiTo Settembre Musica, 1st edition (2007), administration, logistics and production



Collaboration in the institutional communication and promotion for the Toscana Jazz Festival at the Amedeo Modigliani Musical Association in Livorno, for which we also produced “ToscanaJazz – 1999-2007 – Itinerari in musica”, published by Debatte Otello s.r.l. in Livorno in 2007



Black Dalia Project: stage management (Live concerts, various performers and video installations) for Alta Roma, BWT marketing – Spazio Novecento, Eur, Rome (June 2007)



Director of marketing, promotion and fund raising for the contemporary theatre festival, La fabbrica dell’Uomo, at Superstudio Più (Milan), organized by Outis, in collaboration with the Piccolo Teatro, Teatro Filodrammatici, and funded by the European Union Cultural Programme. – 2005-2008
- June 2007



Organisation of workshops, lessons and a concerts at the Spazio Tadini in Milano



Press officer for the Osservater photographic exhibition, including a presentation of photographic archives from previous exhibitions, with the patronage of ERSAF and the Region of Lombardy Agricultural Department, organized by M. Negri and Barbara Capozzi in the Via Pola seat of the Lombardy Region (18th December 2006)



Organisation of the New Line srl conference at Alcatraz in Milan (13 November 2006) with a performance of Sandro Cerino’s Crescendo Big Band



Consultancy in the areas of technical organization and administration of the for “Coccaro Jazz” (October-November 2006)



Consultancy in the areas of technical organization and administration of the “Mola Jazz
Festival” in Mola Bari (Art&Network)



June 2006, creation and coordination of the “Festival di Puglia in Rete” project, with the patronage of the Puglia Region, coordinating, managing, researching, developing and providing artistic direction. – Creation, artistic direction, management, marketing, promotion and organization of the “Barletta
Jazz Festival”



Organisation of a tour in collaboration with Giambattista Tofoni Ny-Gezh’s Tam Factory (, with the patronage of the Swiss Institute in Rome, the Norwegian Embassy and sponsorship from Lindt (March 2006)



CFP Riccardo Bauer, Album Cultural Association, Department of Professional Training and Department of Culture and Integration – Province of Milan, Press Officer for the “R. Pezza National Photography Prize”, 10th edition, during the 2005 Milan Triennale



Marketing and Promotions Director for the Sicilian Association for 20th Century Music – The Brass Group in Palermo



Responsibility for artistic direction, management and marketing on behalf of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (Ass. Cyrano) (2004)



Jazz Programmer for Fastweb – Foyer Parenti, December 2004, musical consultant for the photographic exhibition “Dieci autori al foyer” organized by Sara Maestranzi



Press officer for the photographic exhibition ‘Il Campo e la Cascina’ in November 2004 in the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti di Milano



Agriteam (Milan Chamber of Commerce), Region of Lombardy (Agricultural section) Istituto Golgi Redaelli, Urbim Lombardy



Artistic Consultant in charge of technical and administrative issues for the “Mauro Giuliani” musical association in Barletta