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Event Management, production
and promotion


We are a cultural association founded in Milan in 2006. We bring together the different experiences of the founder members, with the objective of promoting the development and diffusion of contemporary jazz in all its declinations: improvised music, ethnic, world music and rap music, oriented towards research, quality and innovation.

  • Lakecia Benjamin New project – Phoenix

    Stage Line-Up – Lakecia Benjamin : Alto sax + Zaccai Curtis : Piano, EJ Strickland : Drums, Ivan Taylor : Bass   “Phoenix” is the highly-anticipated, expansive new album in the musical evolution of alto saxophonist and composer Lakecia Benjamin,......


    Ava Mendoza was born thousands of miles away from the heart of improvisational music, then throbbing in downtown Manhattan, beating to the sounds of John Zorn, Fred Frith, and Carla Bozulich. Nevertheless, Mendoza was mysteriously attracted to the avant-garde scene......

  • Première – “Ragmala (A Garland of Ragas)”

    What would a “Future Orchestra” look – and more importantly – sound like? Master percussionist and composer Adam Rudolph has created an illuminating answer to that question with Go: Organic Orchestra. For this unique project, the Orchestra joins forces with......

  • Black Top 10th anniversary

    Formed by Orphy Robinson and Pat Thomas but always realised with an ever changing number of invited musicians, Black Top’s blend of lo-fi samples, dub effects and experimental electronics has been daring free improvisation since 2011. Their virtuoso performances draw on their......

If you want to know whether a people is well governed
and whether their laws are good or bad, examine the music they make