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Event Management, production
and promotion


We are a cultural association founded in Milan in 2006. We bring together the different experiences of the founder members, with the objective of promoting the development and diffusion of contemporary jazz in all its declinations: improvised music, ethnic, world music and rap music, oriented towards research, quality and innovation.

  • Black Top 10th anniversary

    Formed by Orphy Robinson and Pat Thomas but always realised with an ever changing number of invited musicians, Black Top’s blend of lo-fi samples, dub effects and experimental electronics has been daring free improvisation since 2011. Their virtuoso performances draw on their......

  • Pasquale Mirra – Murmuration

    Murmuration è il risultato di tutti quegli elementi che hanno caratterizzato la mia arte e che definiscono e rappresentano la mia essenza, il mio pensiero filosofico ed il mio percorso artistico. Murmuration è la migrazione, è la danza, è il......

  • Pasquale Mirra + Hamid Drake – In registrazione

    Roma Jazz Festival 2020 Registrazione annunciata per l’etichetta discografica Parco della Musica Records Un incontro casuale, fortunato, alchemico, quello tra Pasquale Mirra al vibrafono e Hamid Drake batteria, frame drum e voce ma nulla risuona casuale ascoltando la musica che rimane aleggiante nell’aria......

  • Hamid Drake – A Tribute to Alice Coltrane

    Hamid Drake pays homage to Alice Coltrane’s music with a group of top-notch international musicians.   “I was 16 when I met Alice Coltrane at a concert in Ravinia Park, outside of Chicago. We exchanged addresses and wrote to each other afterwards.......

If you want to know whether a people is well governed
and whether their laws are good or bad, examine the music they make